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Share Paid Advert On Your Facebook Timeline and Earn Over 30k per month

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What if i tell you, you could earn as much as 40k in profit per month by using ur data and facebook as you use it everday? interesting right? fasten your seat belts, you are about to learn something new.

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▪Without wasting much of your time, lets go straight to business. everyone here must have heard about online businesses? The name of the platform is ”RACKSTERLY”.

▪Now lets talk about how you can benefit from this platform.

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💎 *Racksterly* is an advertising platform, they are paid by major companies e.g GLO, Konga, Virgin Atlantic airlines etc to advertise their products and services. Now Racksterly wants theses adverts to get to the grassroots and theres where you and i come in, Racksterly is interested in using our facebook timelines for these adverts, lets call it that they want to rent your timeline and they pay you for that..pretty cool huh?

▪Now the process of getting paid requires you to do a month subscription with them, that is to say that your payment is in a 30day cycle under your subsciption.

Now there are 4 plans on Racksterly

Subscription fee = _$18_ (6,897 naira)

Earn 1.2$ per day

Subscription fee= _$25_ (9,296 naira)

Earn 1.8$ per day

3⃣ *STORM*
Subscription fee = _$45_ (16,732 naira)

Earn 3.5$ per day

4⃣TYPHOON* Subscription fee= $75(27,887)

Earn 5.6$ per day

Get Started and Start Earning 

▪you can only share once per day, that is to say your payment is fixed except you earn by referral (which is absolutely *optional* )👌🏽

▪NOTE  : And you can have multiple accounts if you want afterall their target is a higher audience for the adverts, but all facebook accounts linked with them must be above two months old with minimum of 200 real friends.

All you need to do now is to CLICK HERE to begin your registration.

See proof of our earnings below


Posted Jan 6th, 2020

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