Friday, October 18, 2019

Nigerians Dig Out Past Video Of Obasanjo Speaking About Xenophobic Attack

Nigerians have done it again by digging out former president of nigeria Obasanjo speaking about xenophobic attack.

Back then during a press conference,  when he was asked if he was jacob zuma the president of south Africa how will he adress the issue of xenophobia attack.  Obasanjonthn list out three things he will do.  1stly he said he will condemn the act,  2ndly he said he is going to disgrace government officials or politicians who support the act publicly no matter how close.

And 3rdly he said he is going to make some people involve in the xenophobic attack a scape goat.

This has got some nigerians applauding him and asking if he can come back to rule nigeria again.

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