“Dont Let Anybody Body Shame You” Actress Georgina React to Bikini Photos of Nigerian Actress

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Popular nollywood actress Georgina Onuoha shares some trending bikini photos of nigerian actress as she advice nigerian women not to allow anybody to body shame them regardless of their age and and their body shape.

She wrote ;

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Dear Nigerian Woman , regardless of your age, shape, status and faith. Know that you are beautiful. Do not let anyone body shame you or steal your moment because you are wearing a two piece bikini 👙. These are moms and full grown ass women well in their 40s and are entitled to wear what suits them to the pool or beaches. It’s about time you all change your orientation when it comes to dressing to the pool or beaches. You cannot wear a short or jeans to any pool and beaches, it will be considered a suicide mission. No pool anywhere will allow you do that. Why are you shaming women who have the discretion to wear what they are comfortable with? You go on western and South African celebrities pages and hail them “ Queen B , Queen Z when they wear bikinis , but when your own wear them you all shame them. Wearing a bikini will not make you go to hell ok? Dear ill informed Nigerian men ( not all) you curse these women out, yet you use Beyoncé’s and Kim K near naked pictures as your screensavers. You hypocrites. You subject your beautiful wives to quick old age and chase young women on social media sliding in DMs. Instead of bashing women with good bodies, pay gym membership for your wives and mistresses , adore them and make them look their best even after birthing your kids. Don’t expect women to wear iro and buba to pools and beaches. If you feel comfortable wearing agbada to the beaches please feel free and don’t bash those who don’t buy your ignorant idea of decency. Dearest women, you are beautiful no matter what they say. Trust me, bashers will not see God before you. I’m enjoying my early morning pool side in bikini come and beat me. Ndi ara. Awon oloshi . @genevievennaji @realmercyaigbe @lilianesoroo @ufuomamcdermott . You guys are freaking amazing and beautiful ❤️👑.

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Posted Aug 11th, 2019

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